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You might know the feeling…

You’re floating on air, your heart is swelling, and you can’t help but look at the world with optimism and compassion.

You feel a high vibe and in love.

Not with anyone in particular. Rather with yourself & life in general.

The others can see it in your glow.

You can’t blame them…

You have that certain bounce in your step! You feel aligned and in peace…


You arrived at the state of MANANDA, the source of your joy. 

Do you want to experience it?

Become a healthier, happier person while you unclutter yourself from unwanted emotions and thought patterns.

Mananda, the mix of the Sanskrit words

Ma & Ananda means “mother of bliss” & “my joy of life“.


Follow the new holistic way towards high energy, focus and fulfillment.
My passion is to enrich your life with joyful moments in alignment with yourself.
I support you in on & offline retreats to increase your well-being
& offer you a colorful mix of methods, treatments and experts
to ensure an unforgettable experience and transformation.
Your joy and inner peace is my mission! 

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Nina was kindly treating me with, were such a beautiful experience – a journey through myself. I did not only come to the root of what caused my imbalances, but it allowed me also to “overcome” certain wounds and change my point of view of things. While the treatment, I literally could feel how with every step all the grief was getting “washed away”…. This was exactly, what I needed.
I left with shiny eyes, a glowing heart and the incredible sensation of a “clean” system running through my body(‘s).

Since ever I’ve been more calm and balanced in my daily life 😇✨

Thank you so so much beautiful Nina for sharing your precious time, energy and wisdom with me ❤️😇🙏

Liza M.

The coaching sessions with Nina have helped me to find an inner balance and have more clarity about my current emotional situation. Nina has the ability to listen and offer a different and rich perspective, she has guided me in practical and powerful exercises to free myself from tensions and limiting beliefs. Simple, practical and powerful, highly recommended!!!

Marco D.

I had recently a pleasure to work with Nina. I shared my struggles with her and she offered me a set of very useful tools to help me work on myself and grow. Nina has a very nice approach and I felt very comfortable in her presence. Do not hesitate to engage with her, it will be a very good invesment in yourself!


Nina Vivian is a very patient and sensitive coach who takes her guests on a journey into inner peace to find balance in life. Together with Nina I had great new experiences and found myself in the process. With her work, Nina supported me in reducing my everyday stress and recharging my batteries. With the newly learned exercises, I can now work on reducing stress in the long term and find islands of relaxation in everyday life. I can fully recommend Nina’s retreats – I am very happy to be able to work on my inner self with you! Thank you very much for the great retreat week with you.

Kevin Meyer

I absolutely loved the morning Hatha yoga class (including a healthy brunch♡) at MANANDA Yoga. The studio is beautiful, clean and open. The breakfast is delicious and Nina is heartwarming. Nina is very attentive, professional and her voice calms you down during the guided meditation. When I am back in Mallorca, I will definitly see you again and attent more classes! Thank you again Nina♡.

Michelle T.

Once after a dinner at my place with other friends, Nina asked me to ‘show her my tongue.. And so I did! She was able to read my back pain by observing my tongue. I was so surprised because it was so true! I was so impressed!!!

Then I went to a day retreat and she explained me more about about yoga, ayurveda, nutrition , exercise and spiritual Life. I enjoyed it a lot.

For me Nina Vivian is a great yoga master, a healer, a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman. I can highly recommend  to work with her. Thank you!

Marcantonio C.

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