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Yoga with mental tools for inner peace 

The Yoga Class is combined with mental tools to allow yourself to sink deeper into relaxation and re-connection with your heart wisdom. In this class you have the chance due the power of words and yoga to experience another depth of inner balance, relaxation and peace.


Private Guided Meditation for Selfhealing

Online Meditation class with mental tools to allow yourself to sink deeper into relaxation and reconnect with your inner wisdom. In this class you have the chance due the power of words and breathwork to experience another depth of inner relaxation to reprogram your mind on selfhealing. The Healing meditation session allows you to understand your pain and whats important for you to integrate the lesson behind your obstacle.

Private Well-being Yoga Lesson

The yoga class is aimed at beginners without any previous knowledge who would like to learn yoga from scratch in a private setting in order to lay a confident foundation for further yoga practice or to be able to take into account special needs, such as back training or Ayurvedic yoga according to the Doshas. After this yoga class you will feel deeply relaxed and revitalized. An ayurvedic head massage makes the hour perfect.


Group Yoga – Friendship Goals

You have space to practice at home and find it most beautiful at home? You have many friends who have already tried Yoga and long for a continuous hobby? You want to enjoy relaxation in the community?

Great, Mananda Yoga comes to you! Mananda Yoga has a exquisite selection of well-trained yoga teachers all over the island who teach with heart and love to make you have a really good time!

We are certified in Hatha Yoga / Multistyle Yoga / Kundalini / Ashtanga / Yin Yoga

Private Retreat

You have already found a place to stay and a group of like-minded people with whom you would like to spend your valuable holiday time?

We will come to you and create a retreat according to your needs.

We take care of the catering and program and create you an unforgettable Retreat Experience in Mallorca. Send us your request now and we plan your perfect stay!



Magical moments. Add-on extras for your personal development & pleasure.

Chakra Balancing

Do you feel a blockage? Do you have the feeling that your energy level is not as high as it used to be?

The treatment will balance your energy centers and give you a deep relaxation and positive energy. 

Photo Shooting

You want photos that authentically represent your essence? We put you in the right light and photograph you in front of breathtaking backgrounds to give your presence a space where you can appear in full beauty.

Massage treatments

Discover our unique massages that relieve pain, energy blockages and tension.Enjoy an incomparable hour of relaxation thanks to relaxing massage practices


We cook with love for your retreat! Choose between vegan, vegetarian, yogic or ayurvedic meals. We cook fresh and with love for your guests, because love goes through the stomach.Price on request.

Ayurveda Consultation

You want to figure out which food is ideal and lifestyle is ideal for you to life a healthy & happy life?  Ayurveda is the oldest holistic healthcare system of the world and gives you easy tools to increase your daily well-being.


Nina Vivian
Nina Vivian
Nina Vivian
Yoga Teaching
Yoga Teaching