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How nice that you found us!
MANANDA comes from Sanskrit and literally means: “Mother of bliss” or also “my joy”.
We, Mananda, have set ourselves the goal of providing you with an unforgettable yoga vacation on the sunny island of Mallorca.
Thanks to our numerous cooperation partners, we can offer you a wide range of activities from a conscious yoga and meditation holiday in the Ashram Mallorca (reflection), Ayurvedic Health Week (balance) to an adventurous retreat, the Yoga Adventure Days (joy of life) in cooperation with Anja Kirilow and Simon De Vits.
We cordially invite you to join us on the journey to deepen your connection to your inner self.
After your stay with us, you will have learned the basics of yoga and meditation to experience lasting peace and relaxation at home.
Nina Vivian considers Yoga and Ayurveda as valuable treasures. She would like to pass this gift on to you so that you can integrate more health and balance into your life.
Through yoga you can counteract tensions and various ailments and thanks to Ayurveda, you can even treat them without side effects! Ayurveda is the “knowledge of life” and can teach you how you can bring your bioenergies into harmony.
We also show you which asana (physical exercises) have which effect on your system and take you by the hand to explore your body consciousness bit by bit and playfully help you find your way back to your center.
Are you a yoga beginner or have you never done yoga before? Or have you been practicing yoga for some time and love the conscious and slower execution of the asanas?
In our yoga sessions we place special emphasis on the correct execution of the asanas in order to be able to feel the effects of the asanas.
We are not concerned with bending, but with the conscious and loving introspection of yoga.
You are surely wondering what “Become one” means? Become one! – Recognize the universal love in everything and everyone and thereby cherish nature! Environmental protection is close to our hearts and therefore Mananda donates a part of its income every year to the preservation of the rainforest.
We ourselves have many years of experience in yoga and have completed several yoga trainings to be able to pass on our knowledge of yoga to you.
We are looking forward to get in touch with you!
With love,
Mananda Yoga 


Founded Mananda and followed the call of her heart. Yoga teacher trained in the Sivananda tradition 400h and 200h in Vinyasa (Yogaunion). Holistic nutritionist and Ayurveda health consultant. Teaches Hatha and Yinyoga to balance body, mind, soul and bio energies. Specialized in back problems, as she herself alleviated her ailments through yoga.

She describes yoga as a treasure she wants to share with the world. Taught as a guest teacher in Mexico, Bali, Goa, Spain, and Germany.

 I founded Mananda, which literally means Mother (Ma) of Bliss (Ananda) or “My bliss”, to create, feel and share more bliss in ourselves and with other beings, to become one. In unity we feel also responsible for the nature. So my why is nature protection and more joy the vivre for everyone!

Mananda – Become one!

Cooperation Partners

Thanks to our numerous cooperation partners, we can offer you a wide range of activities from a conscious yoga and meditation holiday in the Ashram Mallorca (reflection), Ayurvedic Health Week (balance) to an adventurous retreat, the Yoga Adventure Days (joy of life)


Simon has a Master in Sports (sciensce of movements & amp; physiotherapy), is a life guard and has a big interest for consciousness & mindfullness. His other passions are photography, massage therapy, creating smiles, guiding people & make them explore themselves.

Living on the island for many years, he knows the most beautiful and non-touristic places oft he island. Simon makes his excursions with The Happy Vans already 5 years now. Those tours bring positive vibes to everyone.

As creativity is one of his values, he designed a new concept of consciousness about body and mind:

MediChiChu, a mix of meditation, love &gratitude, blood flow, energy ball, core stability, body

balance, chakra tuning, hugs dreams.

In corpore sane, in mensa sane y vice verca!

Dream your life, live your dream!




Anja is a certified yoga teacher and studied tourism and has been living in Mallorca for 10 years. It is a matter of the heart to share her love for a conscious living and the authentic Mallorca with others and to make the mediterranean lifestyle accesible.

Anja completed her yoga teacher training in India and Spirit-Yoga Berlin and expanded her knowledge in the field of ​​meditation, consciousness work and coaching through international workshops and education. Anja’s passion is yoga on the Stand-Up Paddle (SUP-Yoga) and she will lead her participants on the Yoga Adventure Days with heart and ease to an unforgettable experience on the sea.


Kim Florian Köhler loves his profession.
He completed a TÜV-certified coaching training in order to be able to offer his young and adult clients from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mallorca both tangible and measurable success for the otherwise invisible transformation processes.

His specialization is 1:1 coaching in the rapid resolution of current burdens, recurring stress triggers,
negative beliefs and blockages.