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Your beliefs have the power to shape your world, but what if they act as barriers?

I believe the time was never better to challenge our deep-seated beliefs and emotional barriers that are hindering our progress.

My holistic coaching is not just about challenging these beliefs,it´s more about processing the emotions associated with them and creating new neural connections that prevent you from thinking that way over and over again.

Let me support you, to replace limiting thoughts with a new truth that releases your authentic self and helps you to follow your heart without doubts. 

My coaching not only enables you to process stressful memory fragments more quickly, but also to carry out a cognitive restructuring, i.e. to re-evaluate what you have experienced and to change your attitude towards yourself and your own resources. 

Put simply, it means that you suddenly don’t care that you were bullied at school, for example, or that your boyfriend cheated on you, or that you sometimes feel that you are not good enough.

My deep Coaching allows you to process what you have experienced in depth and retain only the wisdom.

You will feel lighter after the session and realize that the stressful memory, emotion or negative thought has been demonstrably erased. In this way, we can gradually erase everything from your subconscious that prevents you from accepting yourself or the experience as you are, or from finding lasting inner peace.

 I will help you to dissolve emotional burdens, stress and limiting belief patterns in a safe space via telephone, regardless of location.

Cultivating your mindfulness and strength is crucial in this process.

You will also learn simple techniques to stay present, understand feelings, develop self-compassion and how to manage life’s challenges with ease.

in that way, you will gain new self-confidence and a positive attitude to enjoy life fully.

The special aspect about my coaching is the holistic mix of energetic work and evidence-based mental coaching.

By that you can notice how old programs and memories die and how you can recognize yourself in a new light.

With the rich knowledge of your subconscious, we will easily find new solutions for your life.

I promise you my heartfelt support and a space where you feel truly seen and accepted.

Your journey to a happy life starts now.

Are you ready?

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The coaching sessions with Nina have helped me to find an inner balance and have more clarity about my current emotional situation. Nina has the ability to listen and offer a different and rich perspective, she has guided me in practical and powerful exercises to free myself from tensions and limiting beliefs. Simple, practical and powerful, highly recommended!!!

Marco Di Giano



Nina is the most charismatic, knowledgeable and patient coach with a deeply soothing voice! She always asks the right questions to get to the root of a problem and comes up with creative ways to address it.

Sessions with Nina really helped me through a very stressful period and every session left me energized and uplifted.

She also thought me some practical exercises that I can use in everyday life, beyond our sessions, and continue working on reducing stress in the long term.

Highly recommended!

Klaudia K.

Project Manager Law


It may sound cliché, but the coaching sessions with Nina are changing my life and I am extremely grateful to her for that.

Nina is simply an extraordinary coach. Empathetic and funny, competent, humane and conscientious.

She masterfully unfolds the paths that lead to balance between the spiritual and material world.

In our sessions she has taught me practical tools to manage stress that are easy to apply on a daily basis. In addition to helping me identify and unlock limiting programs and get to know myself better.

She reminds me that none of this is real and that it is nothing more than a mind game.

Anna Segovia

Project Manager


In the Spring I decided to book some sessions with Nina, to help me with some mental and emotional struggles I had.

One of them was that I was really wanted to sing some jazz music, but coudn’t find a good way to get started. With what seemed like some very simple but very effective tools Nina helped me open up mentally for some different possibilities.

So once I had the opportunity and the gig was planned, I had to find some musicians, and this time I experienced a deep fear of not being good enough, a low self esteem.

Nina helped me to overcome my fear, and gain the confidence I needed, and just a couple of months later I’m sitting here singing with these brilliant jazz musicians and playing a concert … and I’ve decided, that this was just the first of more gigs to come.

I am so grateful for Ninas coaching, and can highly recommend her

Rune Funch

Singer & Meditation Teacher

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