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Your Place to go, to get rid of emotional pain, limiting beliefs & stress.



Suddenly the world seems brighter, and you can’t help but see things through a lens of optimism and compassion.

It’s like being swept up in a wave of love, but not for anyone in particular, but for yourself and life in general.

Your glow is even to others unmistakable, and that

little bounce in your step?

Yes, it’s there!

You are not only in tune, you are at peace!

Welcome to the feeling of MANANDA and the state that all my offers promise you.

Meet your authentic self in deep coaching sessions and holistic

self-awareness retreats.

Whether we meet online or on sunny Island Mallorca, my mission is clear:

To fill your life with joy and inner peace!

Discover my vibrant range of holistic methods that will empower you for the long term.

My Offer for you:

Mananda Life Coach - in Person Retreats

In Person Retreats

You will be warmly welcomed into a circle of like-minded people where you will find a holistic answers to a happy and healthy life. Introduce powerful habits into your life and experience yourself at your best.

Embrace growth, find well-being and gain unforgettable moments of lightness while enjoying the sunny island and our fresh vegetarian cuisine.

Online 1:1 Holistic Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for a way to support your health in a natural way and recharge your batteries? My holistic online coaching sessions offer a unique opportunity to take a break from everyday life and focus on your wellbeing. During the session you will have the opportunity to find inner balance and strength through a holistic approach of Ayurveda, energy work and coaching.

Become a healthier, happier person while you unclutter yourself from unwanted emotions and thought patterns.

Mananda Life Coach - Online 1 on 1 coachings

1:1 Inner Work

I offer you a personal and profound experience that helps you to free yourself from stress, unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs.

In my work, I draw on a wealth of different methods from evidence-based mental coaching and shamanic energy work.

These diverse approaches make it possible to dissolve blockages, negative beliefs and stressful memories on a broad scale. By that we are creating new neuronal pathways in your brain that enable sustainable transformation.

Free Discovery Call

Are you ready to take the first step towards creating the life you’ve always dreamed of? This free discovery call is the perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities.

Why my clients love to work with me


Yoga Teaching

Marco D.

The coaching sessions with Nina have helped me to find an inner balance and have more clarity about my current emotional situation. Nina has the ability to listen and offer a different and rich perspective, she has guided me in practical and powerful exercises to free myself from tensions and limiting beliefs. Simple, practical and powerful, highly recommended!!!

Klaudia K.

Nina is the most charismatic, knowledgeable and patient coach with a deeply soothing voice! She always asks the right questions to get to the root of a problem and comes up with creative ways to address it. Sessions with Nina really helped me through a very stressful period and every session left me energized and uplifted. She also thought me some practical exercises that I can use in everyday life, beyond our sessions, and continue working on reducing stress in the long term. Highly recommended!
Yoga Teaching

Liza M.

Nina was kindly treating me with such a beautiful experience – a journey through myself. I did not only come to the root of what caused my imbalances, but it allowed me also to “overcome” certain wounds and change my point of view of things. While the treatment, I literally could feel how with every step all the grief was getting “washed away”…. This was exactly, what I needed.
I left with shiny eyes, a glowing heart and the incredible sensation of a “clean” system running through my body(‘s).

Since ever I’ve been more calm and balanced in my daily life 😇✨

Thank you so so much beautiful Nina for sharing your precious time, energy and wisdom with me ❤️😇🙏

Alexandra E.

Nina is a master at sensing blockages with her intuitive way and then accompanying the process of dissolving them gently and yet directly, effectively and sustainably. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you so much, dear Nina. You are wonderful!

Yoga Teaching


 For every retreat or coaching session you book with me, I will symbolically plant trees in Nicaragua in the name of your commitment to turn towards the sun of life, to build strong roots and to leave the shadows of your past behind you. Let’s create a forest together!

Become a healthier, happier person while you unclutter yourself from unwanted emotions & thought patterns.

Yoga Teaching

Kevin M.

Nina Vivian is a very patient and sensitive coach who takes her guests on a journey into inner peace to find balance in life. Together with Nina I had great new experiences and found myself in the process. With her work, Nina supported me in reducing my everyday stress and recharging my batteries. With the newly learned exercises, I can now work on reducing stress in the long term and find islands of relaxation in everyday life. I can fully recommend Nina’s retreats – I am very happy to be able to work on my inner self with you! Thank you very much for the great retreat week with you.



Marcantonio C.

She was able to read my back pain by observing my tongue. I was so surprised because it was so true! I was so impressed!!!

For me Nina Vivian is a great yoga master, a healer, a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman. I can highly recommend  to work with her. Thank you!

Yoga Teaching

Michelle T.

I absolutely loved the morning Hatha yoga class. Nina is heartwarming. She is very attentive, professional and her voice calms you down during the guided meditation. When I am back in Mallorca, I will definitly see you again and attent more classes! Thank you again Nina.♡

Sascha V.

I went on retreat for 5 days at the beginning of October 2023. 5 stars because I didn’t miss anything. Cordiality through and through! Completely satisfied, from the pickup and return trip to the airport, lovingly prepared meals and daily changing, in-depth inputs about Nina’s inner work and spirituality. From breathwork, to charka cleansing, to hiking with walking coaching, Ayurveda education, cocoa ceremony, Yoga, Meditation and much more – they were very insightful, decelerating and emotional days. Anytime again, thank you Nina! Sascha

Yoga Teaching

Bartosz W.

I had recently a pleasure to work with Nina. I shared my struggles with her and she offered me a set of very useful tools to help me work on myself and grow. Nina has a very nice approach and I felt very comfortable in her presence. Do not hesitate to engage with her, it will be a very good investment in yourself!

Katharina G.

I booked Nina with my best friend Kevin for a private retreat. She really took her time for us and gave us a lot of peace and positive energy with meditations, yoga and personal coaching. She adapted her extensive knowledge to our personal needs and was responsive to us. The days helped me a lot to recharge my batteries and to gain new perspectives. I would like to continue to book you for coaching sessions.


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Mananda, the mix of the Sanskrit words Ma & Ananda, means
“mother of bliss” & “my joy of life”.