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Your place to go to get rid of emotional pain, limiting beliefs and stress.
I am Nina Vivian Köhler, Holistic Coach and, if you like, your companion to more well-being
& inner peace.

Do your feelings, mood swings, and overthinking often overwhelm you?

Is something in your life out of balance, and you’re looking for a holistic way to integrate what’s missing?

My holistic approach focuses on increasing your power energetically, physically, and mentally.

Transform stress into inner strength

Develop healthy ways of dealing with stress and find more serenity in everyday life through easy-to-apply habits.

Stressful emotions and limiting thought patterns are transformed in easy and sustainable ways, bringing you fulfillment in life.

Your zest for life is my mission, and I guarantee you my heartfelt support in my retreats and coaching sessions!

I support you holistically and with highly effective methods to mentally let go of everything that robs you of energy and keeps you from living in ease and joy!

Nina Vivian is a very patient and empathetic coach who takes her guests on a journey to inner peace in order to find balance in life. Together with Nina, I had great new experiences and found myself in the process. Nina’s work helped me to reduce my everyday stress and recharge my batteries. With the new exercises I have learned, I can now work on reducing stress in the long term and find islands of relaxation in my everyday life. I can recommend Nina’s retreats without reservation – I am very happy to be able to work on my inner self with you! Thank you very much for the great retreat week with you!

Kevin Meyer


Nina is genuine, full of energy, warm-hearted, empathetic and full of life.

Elena Zerrer


I booked Nina for a private retreat with my best friend. She really took time for us and gave us a lot of peace and positive energy with meditations, yoga and personal coaching. She adapted her extensive knowledge to our personal needs and responded to us. The days really helped me to recharge my batteries and gain new perspectives. I would like to continue booking her for coaching sessions.

Katharina Gramm

Project Manager

The yoga classes, the food and the excursions were fantastic.

Jessica Edelmann


She lights up hearts with her refreshingly light manner.

Alexandra Caputo

The yoga classes, the food and the excursions were fantastic.

Cornelia Vogel

Nina is a master at sensing blockages with her intuitive way and then accompanying the process of dissolving them gently and yet directly,effectively and sustainably. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you so much, dear Nina. You are wonderful!

Alexandra E.



Nina has a good feel for people. The lesson was super nice & very personalized.

Bianca Hamann

Human Design Coach

MANANDA is made up of the Sanskrit words “Ma” & “Ananda” and means
“Mother of Bliss” &”My joy”.

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