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How nice that you found us!
MANANDA comes from Sanskrit and literally means: “Mother of bliss” or also “my joy”.
We, Mananda, have set ourselves the goal of providing you with an unforgettable yoga vacation on the sunny island of Mallorca.
Thanks to our numerous cooperation partners, we can offer you a wide range of activities from a conscious yoga and meditation holiday in the Ashram Mallorca (reflection), Ayurvedic Health Week (balance) to an adventurous retreat, the Yoga Adventure Days (joy of life) in cooperation with Anja and Simon.
We cordially invite you to join us on the journey to deepen your connection to your inner self.
After your stay with us, you will have learned the basics of yoga and meditation to experience lasting peace and relaxation at home.
Nina Vivian considers Yoga and Ayurveda as valuable treasures. She would like to pass this gift on to you so that you can integrate more health and balance into your life.
Through yoga you can counteract tensions and various ailments and thanks to Ayurveda, you can even treat them without side effects!
Ayurveda is the “knowledge of life” and can teach you how you can bring your bioenergies into harmony.
We also show you which asana (physical exercises) have which effect on your system and take you by the hand to explore your body consciousness bit by bit and playfully help you find your way back to your center.
Are you a yoga beginner or have you never done yoga before? Or have you been practicing yoga for some time and love the conscious and slower execution of the asanas?
In our yoga sessions we place special emphasis on the correct execution of the asanas in order to be able to feel the effects of the asanas.
We are not concerned with bending, but with the conscious and loving introspection of yoga.
You are surely wondering what “Become one” means? Become one! – Recognize the universal love in everything and everyone and thereby cherish nature! Environmental protection is close to our hearts and therefore Mananda donates a part of its income every year to the preservation of the rainforest.
We ourselves have many years of experience in yoga and have completed several yoga trainings to be able to pass on our knowledge of yoga to you.

Meet us on the beautiful island of Mallorca or in Goa for a blissful retreat that offers you guidance for your inner work supported by Yoga and be inspired by Mantra and sound healing, breathing and meditation. 

While enjoying the magical energy of the nature, we invite you to take this time to make friends with your emotional world, understand its value and gain insights that promote profound emotional healing and lasting changes.

We will be leading this empowering process, creating a safe space where emotions can be explored and expressed.

The structure provides tools to work with which open us to feelings we might otherwise resist, thus allowing us to integrate them more fully.

You will learn useful tools for self-regulation and “resourcing” – the process of connecting to your own inner source of safety and comfort.

This is a time full dedicated to enjoying yoga, inner work, and expressing yourself through movement and with music.

In your free time, you will enjoy delicious home made meals, take walks to the beach, spend quiet time in the garden or simply relax doing nothing.

You will take home with you resources, tools and practices to support your on-going relationship to your inner world.


Self-love: Mindfulness strengthens the assumption of yourself. Freely bookable Chakra healing sessions can deliberate you from old patterns and conditioning.

Recovery: Deep relaxation and mantra singing will help you to open your heart and to let go. We’ll cook for you and you just sit back relay enjoying your being to the fullest.

New insights: Yoga philosophies consisting of millennia old wisdom benevolently change your perspective on life.

Detoxification: Vegetarian and vegan, whole foods refrain from denatured ingredients and added sugars. We only use fresh, regional and saisional food mostly from the garden.

Sustainability: The learnt rhythm can be taken along in your everyday life and sustainably will lead to more health.

Can´t wait to get in touch with you!

With love,

Mananda Yoga

ADD-ON ACTIVITIES FOR YOU – Discover yourself!

Chakra Healing

Do you feel a blockage? Does it feel as your energy level is not as high as it used to be?

The treatment  can help you get back to your power and bring your life energy back by opening your chakras.


Yoga Photography

You want professional yoga photos that beautifully depict you and take your business to the next level? We put you in the right light and photograph you with breathtaking backgrounds to give your presence a space to appear in full beauty!




Discover our unique massages that relieve pain, energy blockages and tension.

Enjoy an incomparable hour of relaxation thanks to the best therapeutic massage practices.

Astrology Reading / Human Design

“Tell me your date of birth and the exact time of your birth and I’ll tell you who you are!”

Gain deeper insight into the influence of planets and stars on earthly affairs and gain deep insights about yourself and your life.

Holistic Nutrition Consultation

Nourish your body, so that your mind and soul feel good in it. 

Nina explains in a simple way how you can increase your sense of well-being with tips that are true to life and how you can gain vitality from vitamin deficiency and other factors.

She wants to give you more understanding for your body and together with you decipher the soul message behind any “diseases”.


We’re happy to help you set and achieve your personal goals, enhance your professional performance, and increase your success in your daily life.

Be be inspired by our experienced life coach and awaken your true potential.